Modern Watches – For Men and Women

A watch says something about the person wearing it. It’s not just that you’re wearing a watch; it’s what kind of watch you wear that makes all the difference

A watch says something about the person wearing it. It’s not just that you’re wearing a watch; it’s what kind of watch you wear that makes all the difference. Choosing modern watches can help people make an impression on others, while also making sure to coordinate with any current or future outfit choices. If you want to stand out from the crowd and look great, choose one of these modern watches and never be late again!

A good men’s watch adds a nice professional touch to your everyday outfit. Whether you wear it with a button-down shirt and slacks, or casual jeans and a t-shirt, nothing helps you look more put together than a crisp wristwatch. You don’t need to choose between style and value—there are tons of great men’s watches available on Amazon for less than $200.

Many watches for women are designed to be dainty, sweet, and ultra-feminine. These watches look fantastic on petite wrists but can overpower a larger wrist or appear cheap if they’re not properly sized to your wrist. Larger watches in general are also known for being heavier, which is something to consider if you prefer a light-weight watch that’s comfortable to wear every day. A great watch brand can change your entire wardrobe.

Buy a cheap watch or splurge on something more expensive? There are some great brands at every price point. Whether you’re on a limited budget or want to invest in a higher-end timepiece, our experts have helped us compile a list of stylish watches under $100, $200, $300, $400 and over $500. Our editors also share their favorite affordable watches that look like they cost much more than they do (with links to our reviews). Watch prices below reflect MSRP.

Choosing a watch is not an easy task, especially when you have no idea what to look for. To help you with your search, we’ve put together a guide on how to choose a modern watch for both men and women. Take a look.

Aside from being one of today’s most fashionable accessories, men’s watches have also evolved into essential timekeeping tools for men. Today’s timepieces are not only stylish but functional as well, boasting sleek modern designs, water resistance and plenty of tech features that make them just as practical as they are attractive. As popular accessories for both formal and casual occasions, whether you’re traveling across town or across country, a good watch is never far from reach.

Here are 10 most popular men's & Women's brands

What brands should you buy from Amazon?

Good question. Amazon is a good place to shop, but it’s not exactly reliable when it comes to quality or customer service. So here are my picks for watches you can buy from Amazon that should work well and have great customer service in case anything goes wrong. They all have a 4+ star rating on amazon, which is pretty good by itself, but just to make sure I called their customer service lines to test them out. They answered immediately (which made me feel like I was calling Nordstrom), and were very friendly as we worked through some logistics of returns (for example, Nordstrom says you can take back any watch within 1 year no questions asked if there is any damage). With all these brands on Amazon you might find a better price somewhere else though!


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